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AMA Charter
No. 1167

Radio Control Model Flying Club
 Located in Grafton, Wisconsin. A club dedicated to the hobby and craft of radio control aircraft flying

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Astrowings & Local Events
2016 Astrowing Big Events:

Club Member's Family Picnic - August 14th, 2016

December Holiday Party - Grafton Senior Citizens Center
Monday December 21st at 7:00 PM

January 1st - ICE FLY! - Noon


Astrowings 2016's 27th Charity Fun Fly
was a complete success!

Find highlights of the event here! ( Click Here )


2016 Area Event Astrowing Members Attending:


Pebble Creek Big Bird Fun Fly              July

Astrowing Charity Fun Fly              July 16th

Lakeland RC Fly-in                     July 

EAA                                                 July            

Flying Electrons - Electric                 Aug     

Float Fly -Bong                                     Aug      

Rubicon - Fun Fly                               Aug       

Fond Du Lac - War Birds            Aug

Racine RC Club                          Aug    

Flying Electrons - Night               Aug     

Flying Electrons - Swap              Sept     

Flying Electrons - Pattern            Sept





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